Texas A&M Medicine

In 2011, Thorntree Psychiatric Associates began serving as the primary teaching site for the Texas A&M College of Medicine required M2-M3 Clinical Medicine Graduate Student six-week Psychiatric Clerkship Rotation-- Dallas Campus.

All of the Thorntree Physicians are skilled active clinical faculty and have the responsibility for education and developing early clinical skills for medical students who will be working in all medical and surgical specialties in the future. Understanding and evaluating psychiatric and central nervous system disorders is a critical skill that is best developed by direct observation, participation in care, lectures, discussion groups, and guided reading.

You may be invited to allow one of our Texas A&M medical students to accompany your evaluating and treating physician during your appointments at Thorntree Psychiatric Associates. These Medicine Graduate Students will be learning to be an active member of the treatment team during their rotation at Thorntree and as a component of their future development in medical specialties of their choice.

It is always the individual patient's choice whether or not a medical student is present during the evaluation.

Dr. Sidney A Kelt, Jr. serves as the Texas A&M – Dallas Campus Psychiatric Clerkship Director.